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Michael Coleman, Bexley, N.S.W

I HAVE PSORIATIC arthritis and suffered the condition for six to seven years. I have taken Salazopirin, Prednisone, Naprosyn, and Celebrex to help control the pain. Eight weeks ago, I started a trial of "Emu Spirit" Omega 369 Emu Oil Capsules with my rheumatologist. I had a blood test at the beginning and six weeks later. The results showed a remarkable decrease in two areas; ESR from 50 to 22 and CRP from 38 to 17. Since taking the "Emu Spirit" Omega 369 Emu Oil Capsules, my quality of life has improved quite dramatically. I have been able to more than halve my Prednisone, and am reducing it weekly. I now can get out of the lounge chair at night to get things for myself            ( rather than ask my wife and daughter to get them for me).  Thanks "Emu Spirit" for helping me.

Pat Schmidt, Marburg, Q.L.D

I TOOK PHELDINE to control arthritic knees for eighteen years, and suffered stomach ulcers and other related health problems as a result. After using "Emu Spirit' Omega 369 Emu Oil Capsules for one month, I am pain free and my stomach ulcers have disappeared. I have my life back. Thanks "Emu Spirit".

Mr. G. Avery, 58, Crane Mechanic, Welshpool Vic.

 FOR MANY YEARS, Gary has suffered from a collapsing knee - it was so bad that he had to crawl around the cranes he worked, in fear his knee would collapse, causing him to fall. Dr. David Young of the Melbourne Orthopedic Group, suggested that Mr. Avery have arthriscopic surgery to prolong the use of his knee for another two years, before a knee replacement was inevitable. During Gary's operation, Dr. Young discovered there was much more deterioration than first thought, and believed Gary would be limping in three months. After the surgery, Mr. Avery developed gout, due to excessive swelling and inflammation. Gary took three "Emu Spirit" Omega 369 Capsules three times a day, and applied "Emu Spirit" Oil of Emu to his knee and feet where symptoms of gout were present.

Gary reports the following:

After taking the "Emu Spirit" Omega 369 capsules and applying the "Emu Spirit" Oil of Emu topically, I found that after the first ten days, there was complete relief from gout, and a significant reduction in the swelling of my knee, enabling me to resume work repairing cranes. By the end of the third week, my knee showed no sign of swelling for the first time in many years. I have also found that if I leave "Emu Spirit" Oil Of Emu behind when I'm travelling interstate to work on cranes, within a day or so, my knee blows up with fluid. When I return home, I immediately apply "Emu Spirit" Oil Of Emu on my knee, and within a day, the swelling goes down.

On Mr. Avery's three month follow up to his surgeon, Dr Young expressed amazement at the lack of swelling and fluid on the knee - and was surprised that Gary was no longer limping.

Mr. Reuben Zischke, 76, Laidley, QLD.

REUBEN HAS BEEN under supervision by Dr. Phillip Burrell for four years. During this time (among other things) they have been working to reduce Mr. Zischke's high cholesterol and LDL    (atherogenic fat) levels. The following tests performed by Queensland Pathology Laboratories show Reuben's results over an eighteen-month period from 21 May 1998 - 26 November 1999.

After a four-month trial on "Emu Spirit" Omega 369 Emu Oil Capsules, Dr Burrell noted the following:

BEFORE "Emu Spirit" Omega 369 Emu Oil Capsules

21 May 1998                  Total Cholesterol 6.8       LDL (atherogenic): 2.98

21 December 1998           Total Cholesterol 6.3       LDL (atherogenic): 2.01

23 July 1999                  Total Cholesterol 6.5       LDL (atherogenic): 2.68

Reuben commenced taking "Emu Spirit" Omega 369 Emu Oil Capsules on the 23 July 1999. By taking two "Emu Spirit" Omega 369 Emu Oil Capsules three times a day, Reuben's next test on 26 November 1999 showed the following:

Total Cholesterol: 3.5      LDL ( atherogenic): 0.34

Mariette Carey

Dear Michael

I would like to start this off by formally thanking you for your kindness towards my son and also, of course, for your introduction to Emu Spirit Emu Oil. As you know, he has had severe ezcema which he has had since the age of 16 months and it has gradually been escalating since then. He is now just six years old. By the time I first met you I had tried many different therapies, creams and food exclusions. He had also been hospitalised twice. I started using the emu oil externally on him twice to three times a day and then internally three times a day. I gave him 1/2 a teaspoon each time and now have increased that a little with the occasional one teaspoon. That was about two months ago now. I have kept up all the other treatments that I had previously been giving him but have noted a marked improvement in the time that we started to use the oil. His hair that had always been dry and lifeless (and was very slow to grow) has changed dramatically. It is now thick shiny and grows well (it even has a slight curl!). It has helped to change his appearance so much - he doesn't look like a sick boy any more. His vitality generally has also greatly improved. Before, it was impossible to get him out of bed in the morning and he is now consistently bouncing out of bed of his own accord. He was always complaining of the cold before, even on hot days and I havn't heard that from him for quite a while now. He has a bounce in his step and is not nearly as clinging and whingy as he was. In fact he is a happy and confident boy again. I have no doubt at all that the use of this oil has contributed to his improvement. I dare not stop using it, such is my confidence in the product. I would definitely recommend its use as a supplement for other people with skin conditions and I would like to thank you again, sincerely, for taking the time to suggest I try it and for the benefits that it has given to my son and therefore the rest of my whole family.

Regards and many, many thanks

Mariette Carey

Greg Tatchell


I bought a container of 500 capsules from your stall at the Orange / national Field days, for help with CFS. I have been taking 5 at 3 times a day since. Changes I have noticed:- I used to get very run down just after lunch each day and would struggle through the rest of the afternoon, whilst still trying to work at being a draftsmen in engineering at Friskies pet care. now I feel a lot better, also I am able to sleep much better than before... before the whole night consisted of tossing and turning and waking unrefreshed. the horrible migraine headaches are gone, I still get a slight head pain during most of my days but nowhere near the pain I had.the feeling of looking through mud has passed also. thrush that was a problem in my mouth before has gone. all in all I feel I have more energy than before. in summary I think the emu oil capsules stabilised a few things my body was not able to fix due to the CFS. I still am however looking for the final part of a total cure, maybe this will take time still?? Regards

Greg Tatchell Engineering Office

Rosalie Lancaster

Michael, I must thank-you as I have been a chronic sufferer of ulcers for the past six years and even though I had been treated with conventional medicine found little if any relief. To add to this I also have suffered migraines as regularly as clockwork for twenty years. These being treated with a mutitude of tablets (betta-blockers) and for imediate relief, pain-killing injections which result in me walking around in a drugged stupour. And then resulted in the loss of memory for those days. I had tried many forms of alternate medicine in the past and found very small improvements but very high costs for the treatment.(I think that most of the B.M.W.s driving around I paid for.) I was more than sceptical when I was told about 'emu oil'. I did not believe that this would be any different than ALL the other "wonder drugs". I am truly sorry for that remark. I started on the capsulses at the begining of December 2000, I was midway in the month of my migraine, I was taking between 4-6 Zantac to try and calm my ulcer, I was also in the process of getting "cold sores " on my mouth FUN. I have not had one Zantac since and have had one migraine which was my own doing as I decided to test for myself if this was the 'emuspirit' and lessened the dose to one capsule a day. I will not be that silly again. As a side benifit as if I needed one 'cold sores' that would normally surface for three to four weeks lasted, that time two weeks and then the next time five days. Am I happy? You bet ya. But wait there's more. My 14 yr old son had warts on his hands and we stopped counting at 27. He also began taking two capsules a day and in three weeks the warts had shrunk and are now all but gone. My husband who is the biggest sceptic for all treatments took begrudgingly at first three capsules a day and well the proof is in the pudding as they say. He hasn't stopped since and also tells everyone how good it is. He will tell you how he no longer has the aches and pains associated with tendonitis and since having a back op fifteen years ago has had constant pain But not now. Thank-you again for sharing this fantastic find of yours . Rosalie Lancaster.


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