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In 1998, a paper entitled "Anti-inflammatory activity of Emu Oils in rat" (J.M.Snowden and M.W.Whitehouse) has been accepted for publication in Inflammopharmacology, an International Journal of Inflammation and Pharmacology.

This report has established that Emu Oil is an extremely active, naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of arthritis.

The same independent research tested the commercial Emu Oils available and found "Emu Spirit" Oil of Emu to be the most active oil tested.

This is recognised and supported by Australian top coaches, athletes and associations:

"On behalf of the Australian Track and Field Team, I would like to thank you for your generosity in supplying Emu Oil for use by our medical staff in their duties to prepare the athletes for competition. It contributed greatly in their preparation for major competition."

Australian Institute of Sport

"I used Emu Spirit Gold on athletes including Cathy Freeman, Kyle Vander Kuyp and Steve Monogetti. The texture, quality and effect the oil has on the skin is exceptional as well as the natural pain relief in this product."

Official Australian Track and Field Team Masseur,
Garry Miritis

"The YMCA manages 147 Community Recreation Centres throughout Australia. Most of these physiotherapists have been exposed to "Emu Spirit" products and have recorded outstanding results both for the patients and the physiotherapists. "Emu Spirit" products have been recognized as the ‘preferred supplier’ of massage / therapeutic oils and associated products for the next two years – 1998 and 1999."

National Coucil of YMCAs Australia

"I used your oil exclusively on our team cyclists and can only praise the benefits of Oil of Emu supplemented by your Arthritic and Muscular Rub for revving tired, aching muscles during the Tour. They certainly contributed to a rapid recovery and relief of muscular and joint stiffness. I also found your oil provided excellent protection/relief for ‘sensitive’ areas prone to chaffing. Like wise our mechanic found your oil excellent protection for his hands."

Joy Kelly, Massage Therapist,
Australia Post Team in
VIC Health Herald Sun Cycling Tour ’98

"After using Emu Spirit Oil of Emu on my patients and myself, the most outstanding property I found was the rapid turn around time in the relief of muscular and/or joint stiffness. In addition, I found that the oil had no irritating effects on my hands – which are normally very sensitive to what I use."

Jason G Bone,
Myotherapist, Warner Avenue Physiotherapy



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