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It was not until the end of Second World War that Emu and its fat began to be noticed and researched on a large commercial scale. Further studies have discovered that up to 40% of the Emu’s bodyweight is fat. It is this layer of fat between the skin and muscle that has enabled the Emu to do things what other animals cannot.

During the male’s incubation of the eggs, it is precisely this layer of fat that keeps his body functioning at its full capacity, as he has to turn the eggs every two hours and be able to chase off predators. It is because of this requirement to be the sole source of nourishment that the fat has the amazing properties that it has.

Emu fat when processed becomes Emu Oil, with the same special properties. The main claims attributed to Emu Oil have been that it has anti-inflammatory properties, promotes swift healing of wounds without scarring, and actively penetrates human skin.

Emu Oil that has been Properly & Correctly processed is anti-inflammatory and is a major source of vitamin E and contains high levels of anti-oxidants. The oil actively penetrates the epidermis, moisturizing and rejuvenating the total skin structure, whilst its natural anti-oxidants fight off the effect of aging. The natural properties of the oil make it extremely effective for treating skin conditions such as eczema, cold sores, athletes foot and any dry skin problems.


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