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The founder of "Emu Spirit", Mr Michael Schmidt, was first to set up successful Emu farm in the Eastern region of Australia. He subsequently established the largest incubation operation of Emu Michael Schmidteggs in the state of Victoria, and was the first to supervise commercial rendering of Emu Oil.

His expertise in Emu bird selection and farming, Emu Oil rendering, and Emu product development has been highly regarded, and is constantly invited to conduct industry seminars on best Emu farm practice and stock selection.

Following a stringent quality control process, the "Emu Spirit" range of products was created as a result of years of joint research and development effort between Mr Schmidt and Merlow Laboratories, the top grade research and production facility with Good Manufacturing Practice certification.

The quality of the "Emu Spirit" products, combined with the penetrative properties of Mr Schmidt’s Emu Oil, have achieved a national level of recognition and accolades endorsed by top level sport masseurs, physiotherapists and Australia’s premier athletes.


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