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The Emu (Dromaius Novae-Hollandiae) is a large flightless bird that is native to Australia. Up to 6ft height with a weight of 60kg, it is a member of the Ratite family, and is the second largest bird in the world.

Emu is considered by many scientists to be an improbable bird: it lives in the Australian rugged outback in temperatures above 45 degree Celsius, cherishes water and can carry upto twenty kilos of fat at any one time.

What is more astonishing is the fact that after the female Emu has laid up to a dozen eggs, it is the male that would sit on them for a full 56 days to incubate till hatching. During this time, the male would not eat or drink, yet it could still remain alert, and its body would be dexterous enough to get up instantly and gallop at great speed.

For many thousand of years the Australian aboriginal people have ascribed great medical power to Emu’s body fat. It is believed to have begun when they hung the Emu skin from a tree and collected the oil, or wrapped the skin around a sufferer and left them in the sun, allowing the oil to liquefy and penetrate the skin as an effective remedy for a variety of ailments.


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